About the National Children’s Center

National Children’s Center, Inc. (NCC) was founded in 1957 by Hyman S. Paper and a group of his friends who were concerned about the lack of community-based services for children with special needs and their families. The organization was incorporated in the District of Columbia on May 14, 1958, and shortly thereafter, children from the local community were enrolled into our first summer camp, residential and school programs.

Over the years, NCC began serving children with other developmental disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, and brain injuries. As children in the program began to mature into adulthood, NCC broadened their service spectrum and continued to provide them with the adult services they required as well.

Each day, hundreds of children and adults, from ages 8 weeks through 70+ years, with developmental disabilities receive the services they require in order to live, grow and thrive in their community. Consistent with our founder’s vision, our mission is:

To provide a lifetime of opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

In doing so, we pride ourselves on our staff of highly qualified professionals. Teachers, counselors, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, employment specialists, social workers, speech pathologists, direct care professionals, recreation specialists, nutritionists, physicians and nurses work together as a team to provide holistic services to our special needs individuals. Psychiatrists, neurologists and other medical specialists are consulted as needed. Clients in all program areas are evaluated on a regular basis to assess needs and measure progress. All NCC programs are fully licensed and certified.

Members of our Board of Directors are listed on the Leadership page of this website.  They provide the corporate governance of National Children’s Center, Inc. Our senior management team provides leadership for the day-to-day operations of NCC, which employs more than 450 staff and operates from an annual budget of $28 million.