NCC and Wegmans Become Partners – October 1

NCC continues to create strategic partnerships with organizations to assist us in becoming a five-star quality organization. By achieving performance and organizational excellence, Belinda Wiley, VP of Community Support Services met with a representative of Wegmans to determine how we could establish a relationship by sharing resources, values, vision and rewards. With proposed changes in Medicaid funding, non-profit agencies like NCC must remain good financial stewards of government funds and be creative in stretching dollars to continue providing quality services for the people we support. Both NCC and Wegmans share similar values by caring about their customers and wanting to assist them in being successful, empowering people to make informed choices and most importantly, making a difference in the community in which they live. The NCC CLS Management team attended a formalized presentation on the services offered by Wegmans, a tour of the food chain and participated in a food testing exercise where the team learned about food ingredients. 

Wegmans offers an array of food choices and family pack items that will save 30% or more to the customer compared to regular size packing items in other food chains. Wegmans has unlocked the “secret to healthful eating”. We want to continue promoting healthy eating habits and exercise for the people we support which equates to longer life spans. A pilot food purchasing program was initiated with Wegmans as of October 1st.  People supported will have an opportunity to experience the feel of a European open air market to conduct their weekly or monthly shopping. Managers will no longer have to reconcile receipts and purchases, it will already be completed through an electronic management system operated by Wegmans. The people supported will have an opportunity to gain insightful food choice recipes to prepare from renowned Wegmans chefs per request. Upon successful completion of the pilot program, NCC plans to transform the food purchasing system to the Wegmans chain.