Community Services Overview

NCC’s Community Day Services (CDS) program based out of the Washington, DC area, works to ensure that people with multiple and or complex intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve greater independence, personal choice, self-awareness, and wellness opportunities through the full access and support offered within their communities.

Our Community Day Services program is unique in that we offer community-based services developed through a person-centered thinking (PCT) approach. Person-centered thinking is a philosophy of service provision that supports positive control and self-direction of people within their own lives. With the support of NCC Direct Support Professionals (DSP), people with disabilities become involved in their communities, develop relationships, skills, and abilities to achieve an improved sense of personal value, meaningful lifestyles, and autonomy. 

People at NCC benefit from the opportunity to select and receive services a ‘la cart. NCC prides itself on the ability to provide a holistic approach with the opportunity for people to receive wraparound services. NCC offers Day Habilitation Services, Individualized Day Services, Employment Readiness, and Supported Employment services.

Day Habilitation Overview

NCC’s Day Habilitation program seeks to foster opportunities for people with disabilities to promote self-sufficiency, community inclusion, and interpersonal skills in order to build lifelong relationships and personal autonomy. Our program offers training and skill development to promote increased participation in community exploration and discovery. We provide opportunities for choice and socialization through supported outcome activities within the community all while continuously seeking opportunities for people to choose and identify their own areas of interest.

Our Day Habilitation services are implemented through extensive social and community exploration, discovery, and inclusion (i.e. social gatherings, community events, and memberships). NCC Day Habilitation also encourages creativity and self-expression through crafting activities and develop classes to practice and build on life skills, such as identifying nutritious meals, maintaining good personal hygiene, and developing social skills.

People at NCC engage in structured activities focused on promoting community inclusion and personal growth. Based on the philosophy that lifelong learning and enrichment opportunities lead to a more meaningful existence, our program is driven by the needs and desires of the people we serve.

NCC’s Day Habilitation program works to foster full community integration for people with disabilities. We know it’s possible for people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as anyone else in their community to include working and living with natural supports.

Individualized Day Services Overview

NCC’s Individualized Day Service (IDS) program offers people with disabilities the ability to “design their day their way” using the person-centered thinking model. This program promotes self-sufficiency, community inclusion, and social skills to enhance a person’s ability to build relationships. IDS is designed to allow people to identify and engage with activities in and around their communities. Supports are available to provide people with tailored activities and opportunities specific to their identified interests related to self-improvement, retention of skills and strengths, and acquisition of new skills that will prepare them for work, or more active involvement in their communities, and or meaningful retirement activities.

NCC’s Individualized Day Services (IDS) provides a person with a Community Builder and peer based on similar goals and interests. Community Builders guide the people supported throughout the community and act as facilitators and support planners to help achieve their goals. Community Builders are trained to be advocates and work to promote independence with those they support.

The IDS process supports people with disabilities through a discovery process which helps the person determine which work readiness, enrichment and/or community involvement activities best fits their interests and goals.

The IDS team and the person supported then confirm both their short and long-term SMART goals with the assistance of NCC staff. All goals are SMART, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Employment Readiness Overview

NCC’s Employment Readiness (ER) program seeks to foster opportunities for people with disabilities to promote community-based training opportunities. NCC knows that community-based exposure offers the most natural social integration and job preparation for employment.

NCC partners with a variety of local businesses and service organizations where people are able to begin job preparation. Volunteering enables people to develop job preparedness skills, learn in supportive and inclusive settings, as well as gain the satisfaction that comes from helping others and giving back to the community.

NCC is constantly seeking to provide people with disabilities with the skills necessary to become competitively employed. At NCC we know that every working-age person can work in the community for a fair wage. This is why we foster and support employment skill building through volunteerism, experiential, and discovery learning opportunities. We know it’s possible for people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as anyone else in their community to include working and living with natural supports.

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