NCC believes that every person, regardless of disability, deserves a safe and nurturing home. Our community-based homes and apartments offer developmentally and physically disabled men and women the individualized services and supports needed in order to live independently within the community. All services are person-centered and promote full community inclusion.

NCC direct support professionals are matched with residents based on expertise and needed skills. Depending on the needs of each resident, NCC also supports activities of daily living, including planning individual and group vacations, teaching money management, functional academics, meal planning, household chores, public transportation and more. To the fullest extent possible, residents take care of themselves and their living environments. Our caring staff assist by accompanying residents to medical and other appointments, and serve as liaisons and advocates to ensure that information is successfully communicated, and individual rights are protected.

Many of our residents participate in NCC Community Day Services, and others work or volunteer in the community. Because learning never ends, we encourage all of our residents to expand their skill sets and experience unique opportunities. They are active members of their communities and enjoy social, cultural, and sporting events of their choosing.

To learn more about the NCC Community Support Services, please contact us at:

NCC Community Support Services
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