NCC Announces the Appointment of Jarrett as Corporate VP of Quality Improvement

NCC Announces the Appointment of Jarrett as Corporate VP of Quality Improvement

WASHINGTON, DC (June 1, 2016)—- The National Children’s Center, one of the region’s largest non-governmental providers of services for the developmentally disabled, announces the appointment of Beth Jarrett to the position of Corporate Vice President for Quality Improvement. Beth Jarrett, formerly the Quality Improvement Sr. Director, is a respected industry professional with nearly 40 years of demonstrated commitment to the National Children’s Center and the agency mission of providing a lifetime of opportunity to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Beth has an incomparable knowledge of the field and is the long term Chair of the District of Columbia’s Department of Disabilities’ Human Rights Committee.

Ms. Jarrett is a graduate of West Virginia University where she received her BA and MA degrees in Psychology and Applied Behavioral Analysis, respectively. Since joining NCC as an intern, Beth has continued to assume increasing responsibility for the NCC quality improvement and compliance efforts. Over the previous 15 years, in her role as Director of Quality Improvement, Beth has lead a variety of NCC compliance initiatives while also managing NCC staff training and the incident management process. Most recently, on her own initiative, Beth completed the Villanova Six Sigma Green Belt training program. As a result of that experience, she along with the senior leadership team has initiated an agency wide process improvement initiative.

In her new position, Beth Jarrett will continue to be a vital member of the NCC leadership team. In addition to her expanding accountability for agency process improvement, she will also assume full responsibility for agency Risk Management.

Beth Jarrett and her husband, Achille Tedesco resides in Potomac, MD. Beth has three children, Treeve (Cristina) Currie of Quincy, MA, Caitlin Currie of Vienna, VA and Anthony Tedesco of Philadelphia, PA. Beth also has 2 grandchildren.

Please join NCC in recognizing this most recent professional accomplishment in a career full of demonstrated commitment to this population, this agency and this profession.


Jesse Chancellor, President & CEO
National Children’s Center