NCC Board Attends NACD Conference

NCC Board Attends NACD Conference

The NCC Board of Directors recently attended the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) conference where they were able to advance their boardroom leadership skills. The NACD is an organization that provides the information and insights that board members need to navigate business challenges and enhance stakeholder values.

Our board chair, Sharon Rossmark, moderated a panel on “Crisis Planning and Reputation Risk for Nonprofit Boards” during the conference. She felt that sitting on the panel was a privilege and expressed that any of her colleagues has the experience to have represented NCC on the panel. “We were thrilled that NCC was selected to have a director on the panel.”

The board’s participation in the conference was invaluable in helping us stay current on governance trends and practices. “By attending the conference the board stays up to date by engaging in peer exchange forums and has accessibility to board governance experts as well as the NACD proprietary research” Sharon states.

She adds, “It helps us make sure we’re improving our governance processes, in other words we’re not satisfied with the status quo, and it demonstrates our commitment to NCC becoming best in class.”

Sharon is passionate about her role as a director on the NCC board, “I consider nonprofit board service an honor and a wonderful way to make a difference in the lives of others. Whenever I have the opportunity to engage in either a conversation about or a meeting for NCC, it really drives a passion and purpose in me that becomes more meaningful with every interaction. The opportunity to collaborate with my peers on the NCC board during the NACD conference helps to align us on how much more we can be doing as a board to fuel NCC forward well into the future.”

The board’s continued work in demonstrating ways of advancing our governance practices is one of the reasons why Sharon is proud to serve alongside her colleagues on the board, who are all committed to the NCC vision.