NCC Career Academy Highlighted by Hotel Association of Washington, DC

NCC Career Academy Highlighted by Hotel Association of Washington, DC

The National Children’s Center is pleased to announce the graduation of our second cohort of students from the NCC Career Academy. Six students completed six weeks of training in the area of hospitality and culinary arts, followed by a two-week internship with one of NCC’s corporate partners on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. The training program at NCC Career Academy encompasses restaurant server, guestroom attendant, front desk representative, customer service, and maintenance employee.

The NCC Career Academy offers transitional youth services to interested candidates with the goal of meaningful employment and greater independence. Upon completion of the program, some students received their food handler certificate from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) as well as certifications from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

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One of the notable students was Tanyale Payton a 19 year old of Northwest Washington, DC. She demonstrated tenacity, drive, and a will to succeed in every task that was assigned to her. While employed at the Verizon Center with one completed semester at The University of the District of Columbia, Tanyale realized that she had a strong interest in hospitality. Ramona Jackson, NCC Recruitment Specialist, contacted Tanyale to share details about the career academy programs and Tanyale was immediately captivated.

Tanyale was interested and wanted to try something different. With a troubled background, dealing with depression as a teen, and being named a runaway, Tanyale was in need of a pivotal career move to get her on the right path. “I’m back on the right track now and I have a future,” stated Payton.

Tanyale attributes the NCC Career Academy and the staff in helping her at times when her family wasn’t as supportive. After completing a two-week internship with Andrews Air Force Base she is prepared to secure full time employment in hospitality industry.

Work readiness and job placement are priorities of the staff and students of the NCC Career Academy. A large part of the NCC Career Academy’s curriculum is hands-on experience that includes job shadowing. The goal of job shadowing is to allow the students the opportunity to gather career-related experiences and expand their networking contacts. It also allows them to build interviewing skills, become aware of trends in the field and experience workforce technologies.

The students had the chance to job shadow one of the employees at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, and observe the responsibilities and tasks of a professional career and, ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for the job.

In addition to a hotel tour, the students had hands-on-experience in two departments. In the banquets/ restaurant department, the students learned how to breakdown and set-up tables for functions, practice proper table setting and service techniques such as serving from the left and removing from the right. The manager discussed the importance of reading and following the banquet event orders for functions.

In the housekeeping department, students saw a demonstration on how to properly make beds and clean rooms. Students had the opportunity to see the checklist that the room inspector uses to ensure rooms are cleaned to the hotel standards.