Donate Used Clothing & Household Goods

Support the National Children's Center, Inc. by donating your used clothing & household items. Find convenient donation options and get your tax receipt hassle-free.

Items We Love

Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Personal Accessories, Media, Housewares, Toys

Items We Can't Accept

Weapons and Explosives, Hazardous Waste, Construction Materials, Flammable Products, Large Appliances, Automobile Parts, Food, Mattresses and Box Springs, Sofas

What Your Donations Support

Thank you for donating!

Proceeds earned from your donations provide a lifetime of opportunities for people in our community with developmental disabilities to live full, meaningful, and productive lives.

In Partnership With

Green from the Start

Savers/Value Village is one of the largest recyclers of used clothing in the world and has been in the business of keeping reusable goods out of landfills for over 60 years.

Donate and Make a Difference

The goods offered in Savers/Value Village thrift stores are always purchased from local nonprofit organizations. In the last 10 years, Savers/Value Village has paid its collective nonprofit partners more than $1.5 billion which helps fund vital community programs and services.

Ultimate Thrift Experience

Savers/Value Village stores are filled with unique treasures and quality everyday items – all inside a department store-like environment that’s easy to shop and easy on the wallet. Merchandise is neatly organized into specific departments, with labeled shelves and racks that make it easy to find bargains for brand name apparel, authentic vintage finds, housewares, furniture, collectibles and much more.