British Prime Minster Visits DC Center for the Disabled

British Prime Minster Visits DC Center for the Disabled

WASHINGTON — During their recent official visit to the U.S., Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, toured the National Children’s Center (NCC) in Washington DC, which serves developmentally disabled children and adults.

Following a luncheon with President Obama at the White House, the Camerons toured one of NCC’s facilities at 3400 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue in Anacostia.  They interacted with the children throughout the facility and observed teachers and therapists working with children. NCC was recommended to the British embassy and the visit lasted about one hour.

“We shared our vision, objectives and what we’re trying to do to create a person-centered approach to improve outcomes and quality of life” said Scott Filer, NCC’s Chief Executive Officer.

NCC is one of the region’s largest providers of services for developmental disabilities. NCC offers an array of services to children through to their adult years; providing education and life skills that can lead to employment and independent living.

“NCC is honored by the visit and we’re proud of our entire staff for their dedication and commitment to the disabled community” said Jamal Malone, NCC’s Chief Operating Officer.


National Children’s Center, Inc. (NCC) was founded in 1957 with the mission of providing a lifetime of opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.