The DC Department on Disabilities Services Selects NCC as a Qualified Provider

The DC Department on Disabilities Services Selects NCC as a Qualified Provider

There are more than 100 providers for adults with disabilities in Washington, DC. While the providers range in size, each is mandated by the DC Department on Disabilities (DDS) to have an investigative department.

The DDS will recognize a provider qualified to complete independent investigations of serious reportable incidents, with the exception of abuse, neglect, exploitation or serious physical injury, after the provider reaches a rating of three or better for 80 percent of all investigations over a fiscal year.

Per the DDS’ Incident Management and Enforce Unit (IMEU) procedures, incident reports are graded on 20 criteria on a one to five scale. IMEU monitors reports submitted by providers and all reports much have scored above three. To receive the “qualified provider” certification, a provider is required to meet the IMEU criteria for a fiscal year.

Due to the hard work of its investigative team, DDS has named NCC as a “qualified provider.” This means that NCC has consistently submitted quality investigative reports per the IMEU procedures in a timely manner. NCC is only one out of six providers that met the qualified provider IMEU requirements.

This certification is the result of the hard work and dedication done by Beth Jarrett, Sr. Director of NCC’s Quality Improvement department and Jim Carter, Critical Incident Manager. Meeting the rigorous IMEU criteria over a three-year period is evidence of their expertise and focus on quality results.

What does the certification mean for NCC?

  • Certified to do independent incident management.
  • DDS will accept NCC’s recommendations for the final incident report.
  • Certification is permanent unless NCC falls below an average score of three on the incident reports
  • External validation of NCC’s progress and enhances NCC’s reputation within industry and among key stakeholders

This is great recognition for NCC and our team for the services we deliver and the essential work we do to protect the people we serve from harm.