Urban Garden Project

Urban Garden Project

 (Pictured left to right): NCC’s Facilities Manager- Kenneth Murphy, NCC’s President & CEO-Patricia Browne, District of Columbia Councilmember (At-Large)- David Grosso, Grosso’s Chief of Staff- Tony Goodman, NCC’s Executive Director of Early Learning and Intervention- Dr. Keesha Blythe

Our environment is a prevalent topic in today’s society and it takes a village to make this world more environmentally sound. NCC’s Early Learning Center took on that task with their Urban Garden Project in partnership with the 11th Street Bridge Park and University of District of Columbia.

The Urban Garden Project kickoff took place on Saturday, June 3rd and was a sight to see. Over 50 volunteers came out to build out over 80 garden beds of fruits and vegetables on the back lot of the center located in Ward 8.

To witness the community coming together to tackle the food insecurity in the area and maximizing our use of urban spaces for the benefit of our community was truly amazing.

Special thank you to the volunteers from Child And Family Services, including their director, Brenda Donald who made a strong presence with over 30 volunteers.

Also, District of Columbia At-Large Councilmember David Grosso, stopped by to view the build out and he also took some time to tour our center.

The NCC team showed up and we truly appreciate your hard work and dedication by giving up your Saturday for a worthy cause. The facilities team (Kenneth Murphy, Alvin Reynolds, Charles Saxton, Silvern Duong) was heroic as they teamed up to build out a majority of the garden beds. Our ELC security guard, Kenny Williams, was also a huge help in the build out and maintenance of the garden.

The work of the ELC staff and teachers: Dr. Keesha Blythe, Lisa Peters-Simmons, Tiffany Phoenix, Sylvia
“Rosie” Williams, Marcella Vaughn-Smith, Jackie Strickland and our CEO, Patricia Browne, along with HR’s Maria Green and David Sherman, was unbelievable. From shoveling the soil to helping to plant the seeds, the teamwork displayed was noteworthy. The kids even helped out with their rakes and shoves.

Please remember that this is an ongoing process and we will need everyone on board for this project. For up to date information on the garden and how you can help, please visit the ELC’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nccearlylearningcenter.

Just think, in a few months you will be able to stop by the ELC for strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, apples and persimmons. YUM!