Welcome to Wayne’s World of Art

Welcome to Wayne’s World of Art

    IMG_5488-2“To touch art is to touch a mind, to touch the mind is to touch a life” –J. David Arnold

Wayne’s Art could hang in any art gallery around the world. Wayne creates immaculate pieces of art as a hobby. With the stroke of this paintbrush, art transports Wayne to another world, his “World of Art”. His teacher, Abby Brandt, spoke highly of Wayne and his craft. Abby also describes how Wayne uses his creative time to create these works of art.

How would you describe Wayne as a student?

Wayne comes to National Children’s Center every day with a big smile on his face and spreads his joy to all of the students and staff.  He does not like to miss a single day of school.  Wayne starts each morning by looking in all of the classrooms and makes sure to check out the art room when the art teacher is at the NW Campus.  Wayne is a hard worker while he is in school and won’t stop working until all of his assignments are finished. 

How much creative time does Wayne have to paint/draw?

Wayne is given breaks each day after he completes his lessons and assignments.  He enjoys drawing, coloring, cutting, and painting during his free time.  He uses different mediums to create his pieces of art, which include paint, crayons, colored pencils, and markers.  Wayne also enjoys making artwork on the computer using websites or Microsoft Paint.  Wayne pays attention to details while creating his artwork, especially when coloring in images.  He gets his inspiration for his paintings from his environment and studying other pieces of artwork.

How often do you find Wayne painting or drawing on his own with no instruction?

Wayne is typically a quiet individual (unless there is something he really wants).  He does everything that is asked of him and doesn’t ask for anything special.  He typically communicates using a few words instead of complete sentences.  One day he decided that he really wanted to paint a picture.  He went to his teacher and said, “I want paint and paper please.”  This was the first time Wayne advocated for something without being given options.  His teacher and dedicated aide were so proud of him for advocating in a complete sentence, so they helped him get his paper and paint.  He picked out his paint colors and then he got the key to the supply closet to get his paper.  Wayne then created his first work of art.  He created his masterpiece independently, but made sure it was looking good by fishing for compliments as he painted.  This first piece of art was a large step for Wayne, so staff got it framed and Wayne gave it to his mother as a present.  Now Wayne advocates for his art supplies on a daily basis. Wayne enjoys being creative, but he has many other hobbies.  He enjoys playing basketball, running, winning medals in Special Olympics, cleaning, shredding paper, dancing, and smiling for photos. 

NCC’s COO, Patricia Browne was lucky enough to get her hands on one of Wayne’s masterpieces and has it beautifully framed in her office.

Special thanks to Wayne, Abby and National Children’s Center NW Campus Principal, Michelle Young.

More of Wayne’s lovely pieces.