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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the National Children’s Center website. We hope to provide you with helpful information regarding our innovative programs, valued services, and most importantly, our dedicated mission to provide a lifetime of opportunities to infants, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Last October, I was appointed to the interim CEO of the NCC. Over the last year, my top priorities were the people we serve, their families, other committed advocates and the delivery of our personalized and specialized services. I’ve continued to be impressed by the quality of care we deliver by a dedicated and caring staff of highly qualified professionals.

I am honored that the NCC board of directors has appointed me as the permanent president and CEO. It’s a tremendous privilege and responsibility to contribute to the future of the NCC by ensuring we stay at the forefront in delivering the best possible services and programs to those we serve.

This is certainly an exciting time to be leading the NCC. There is so much that we can and will do to prepare us for the ongoing and future changes in our industry and to become a best-in-class service provider. At the same time, it is critically important that we continue to deliver our personalized and specialized services with a high level of continuity and in the most stable, caring and supportive environment as possible.

We invite you to partner with the NCC and encourage you to contact us directly to find out more about our organization, as we work to support, sustain and empower the communities and people we serve.

Jesse M. Chancellor
President and CEO


Nonja Tiller has been a resident within NCC’s Community Living Services program since 2003. She is a very talented artist and has always desired to successfully publish a book of her thought-provoking and oftentimes biographical illustrations. With the help and support of her amazing NCC team, she is taking courageous steps toward finally fulfilling her goal. Please listen to her story in the video below:


National Children’s Center is pleased and excited to officially announce the launch of our “I AM” Campaign, showcasing the ABILITIES (rather than DISabilities) that exist within our special needs individuals.



These campaign posters are also designed to highlight the different services that NCC provides in the metropolitan area – maintaining our mission of providing a lifetime of opportunities for the developmental disabilities community that we serve.


Visit our special campaign page to see how you can help:

Summary Plan Description for the National Children's Center Welfare Benefit Plan

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